Wednesday, August 16, 2017


  1. Dan helping me go back to sleep.
  2. Getting an appointment to see the on-call doctor.
  3. Getting a ride from my mom and sister in time before they were going to head to Seattle.
  4. Calling Modern Domestic to check on space instead of just heading over there to find that it was too busy.
  5. Finishing watching Shetland.
  6. Walking over to the library.
A year ago today.


  1. Cool temperatures!
  2. Stopping by TP's to say hi to ex-Relics and give JG the t-shirt.
  3. Dan giving us a ride back from Pok Pok Noi.
  4. My sister successfully rebooking herself onto a different route to not get in too late.
  5. My mom coming with me to this week's doctor's appointment.
  6. Roasting the frozen butternut squash working out pretty well.
A year ago today.


  1. Finding cherries still available at the farmers market!
  2. Getting a breakfast burrito.
  3. Making the binding for the sunflower quilt.
  4. Housekeeping service cleaning up the rooms our visitors will be staying in.
  5. Spending most of the afternoon at Modern Domestic working on the quilt.
  6. Watching Shetland while ripping out some of the stitching on the quilt.
A year ago today.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


  1. Having leftovers from yesterday's lunch and dinner for breakfast.
  2. Cool temperatures while it was overcast in the morning.
  3. Managing to walk through all of the Alberta Street Fair.
  4. Finishing the quilting on my sunflower quilt! Now to make and attach the binding.
  5. Not trying to squeeze in an extra small task at the sewing studio before Dan picked me up and thus getting outside on time.
  6. Successfully swapping out the locks on the front door.
A year ago today.


  1. Squad meeting wrapping up quickly.
  2. Getting lunch with KL.
  3. Perfect timing on getting picked up by Dan from the yellow line stop.
  4. Going to the Friday Night Sewcial at Modern Domestic and making good progress on my sunflower quilt.
  5. Finding my Madewell packable straw hat on the hat rack!
  6. Getting ribs and mac & cheese for dinner at Podnah's Pit.
A year ago today.


  1. Amused by a dog hanging out in the driver's seat of a car.
  2. Going to prenatal yoga.
  3. My yoga teacher bringing out my Anne of Green Gables hat before I'd left it behind.
  4. Walking up to Skidmore to drop off mail.
  5. Dan picking up roti for dinner for me.
  6. Getting our wills witnessed and signed.
A year ago today.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


  1. Another good night's rest!
  2. Having a lot of fresh fruit (mango, peaches, blueberries) with Greek yogurt for breakfast.
  3. Cups of tea settling the lingering cough.
  4. Feeling less stiff after sitting on the yoga ball for a bit.
  5. Getting through a bunch of work training modules faster than I had expected.
  6. Make buttered toast and scrambled eggs with variety of freezer peppers and other vegetables for dinner.
A year ago today.