Tuesday, June 12, 2018


  1. My sister being able to come over in the morning to help with childcare coverage.
  2. Unpacking fully.
  3. My sister cutting up a bunch of the watermelon for me.
  4. Nico getting into better spirits for the evening after taking him outside to sit on the grass for a bit.
  5. Timing the frittata making well.
  6. Cooking up all four bunches of farmers market chard.
A year ago today.

Monday, June 11, 2018


  1. Making it to the train station without needing to rush.
  2. Getting dim sum with my family.
  3. Getting Nico an extra nap to help with recovering from his fever.
  4. Many aunts and my mom and grandma hanging out with Nico.
  5. Taking a shower and washing the travel out of my hair.
  6. Inventorying and organizing all the pumped milk.
A year ago today.


  1. Getting to the farmers market and Target.
  2. Nico's second nap making up for a short first nap. 
  3. Taking a nap myself.
  4. Making chicken salad sandwiches for dinner.
  5. Having watermelon.
  6. Dan's fever improving throughout the day.
A year ago today.


  1. Running into MW at the hotel lobby to be able to split a ride to the airport.
  2. Bun Mee breakfast and lunch sandwiches.
  3. A very polite seatmate on the flight.
  4. At least being able to get the Vevo music video channels on my phone without the United app.
  5. Not too much traffic on the way home.
  6. Beef noodle soup for dinner.
A year ago today.


  1. Architecture Guild lunch not being too far from the hotel so I could join even with needing to pump.
  2. Skipping the hike and chatting with others about hobbies and working out instead.
  3. Getting another bubble tea from the Boba Guys.
  4. Not needing to contort my plans to be able to attend an impromptu announcement meeting.
  5. Finally evaluating a monthly budget.
  6. Sitting with people I don't directly work with at the team dinner.
A year ago today.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


  1. Happening to pick a seat at the women's breakfast next to the executive.
  2. Hanging out with other people while working on a jigsaw puzzle in the lounge.
  3. Videochatting with Dan and Nico during my mid-afternoon pump session.
  4. Inviting myself along to get soup dumplings with RS and CA.
  5. Getting a bubble tea from Boba Guys.
  6. Finding out that LA was staying at the same hotel at the work party was at and stopping by her room to visit.
A year ago today.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


  1. Good breakfast of chorizo breakfast tacos and berries.
  2. Sunny and warm outside during the outdoors lunch.
  3. Finding that the highly rated eyebrow threading place was actually right around the corner.
  4. Getting a Groupon and stacking an additional promo code so that it was only $6!
  5. Opting for the 15 min head massage.
  6. Dinner at Zuni Cafe.
A year ago today.